Management System
for Marketplace

Integrate multiple marketplace account with Genie Omnichannel. An easy platform to manage order, inventory, product, chat, promotion and accounting in one system.

All in One System

Genie is a Cloud-based, All-In-One E-commerce solutions provider that provides a full-suite of retail management solutions to boost sales and working efficiency for both online and offline businesses.

Open multiple shops to increase your sales 
Open multiple shops to increase your sales 

• Copy all products from one shop to another in just one click

• List products to multi-channels in seconds

• Sync listings from all your shops across channels

Manage orders and stocks for all your shops
Manage orders and stocks for all your shops

• Auto-update incoming orders and stocks from all selling channels

• Manage stock for the fast-moving product easily

• Process orders and shipment in one place

Manage sales with the digital management system
Manage sales with the digital management system

• Overall Membership and Customer Database

• Business prediction with Genie Business Analytic

• Monitoring report by customize data, profits and user report

All in One System with Genie


Active Online Stores


Increase in Sales


Increase in Work Efficiency

Benefits of managing your shops with Genie


Integrated to marketplaces and third-parties

Clone Product

Clone all products from one shop to another in just one click

Product Management

Add, bulk edit, and update to all selling channels one time

Order Management

Manage order easily and thoroughly with auto-update system

Stock Management

Stock centralization management and stock alert

Data Monitoring

Monitoring report by customize data, profits and user report

Customer Management

Unified customers and members management

Open API

Integrate third party systems ( Accounting, ERP, WMS)

Business Analytics

Top-selling product and best selling stores analysis for sales trend

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Security Assurance

30.000+ Sellers Use Genie

Officially Authorized by Marketplaces

Genie provides secure integration with marketplace platforms to Genie Dashboard

Encrypted Technology

Genie Encrypts all store information of your store and ensures your data is safe and secure

Secure Cloud Service

Aligned with Indonesia's Government Regulations, Genie uses Alibaba Cloud Service that has good reputation in data security

Scale Up Your Business Easily

Customer Testimonials

Fitur order sudah hampir mendekati real time.
Akun marketplace saya juga sudah berhasil terlogin secara otomatis setelah update Genie Chat terbaru. Terima kasih Genie!

Hape Kita

Fitur print thermal sudah sesuai ekspektasi saya. Terima Kasih Genie


Saya bangga dengan teknologi Genie Chat, sangat membantu kami dalam merespon pembeli karena teknologinya seperti multi browser dengan setting langsung ke halaman chat marketplace. Saya sangat mengapresiasi hadirnya fitur ini, terima kasih Genie


Saya sangat kagum dengan team Genie. Tetap responsif dan baik dalam melayani merchant walaupun hari libur.
Great job! Dua jempol untuk tim Genie! 👍🏻👍🏻

Livingworks Indonesia

My experience using Genie is great! By using Genie Mass Copy Product Feature, product uploading no longer becomes a concern! Managing the store is easier and faster! Despite the Covid-19 condition, Genie's customer service is responding fast and very satisfying.

Skill Monky

I am satisfied and have been very helpful in managing my product. The system runs well, and the product management features are very helpful without having to change products from market 1 to another. Genie is very helpful, can be improved to help sellers in Indonesia

Toko Mekari

Genie is easy for me to repair online stores, from input of goods, managed to sales from several markets at once, hopefully in the future there will be more and more useful features for sellers