After logging in to your Genie account, then you can integrate Genie with the marketplace of your choice. Below are listed steps that can help the process of integrating your Genie account with Bukalapak:

1. Integration

After logging in, on the Genie dashboard in the upper right corner there is the name of your Genie account, then click Integration.

2. Add Stores at Bukalapak

After the Integration menu opens, click Add Store in the upper right corner. Then select the Bukalapak Marketplace.

3. Start Synchronization

After selecting Bukalapak Marketplace, a pop-up will appear, then click Start Syncing. Next, you will be taken to the Bukalapak page for the authorization process.

4. Authorization Process

Next, you will carry out the authorization process for your Store Integration. Please enter your Store Account Name and Password, then click Login. After successfully logging in, Genie will sync your products and orders to your Genie Account. Genie and Bukalapak work together to ensure the security of your account.

5. Successful Shop Authorization

After successful shop authorization, you can view all integrated stores in the Integration List. Then Genie will immediately sync all products and orders from your Store.

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