After logging in to your Genie account, then you can integrate Genie with the marketplace of your choice. Below are listed steps that can help the process of integrating your Genie account with Lazada:

1. Integration

Click your Genie account name in the top right corner, then click Integration.

2. Add Stores on Lazada

Click Add Store on the top left corner, then select Marketplace Lazada and click Start Syncing.

3. Authorization Process

Here you will do the authorization process for your Lazada store integration to Genie. Please select Indonesia, enter your Lazada store account email and password, and click Submit.

4. Successful Shop Authorization

After successful authorization, you can see all the shops that have been integrated in the integration list. Then Genie will sync all products and orders from your store in about 5-15 minutes.

You can also see the Lazada integration guide via the following link: