The following are the steps that you can integrate your multiple store:

  1. Click integrates icon in left menu bar and select “Add Store”.

  1. Choose the marketplace you want to integrated, currently Genie support Shopee,Tokopedia,Bukalapak,JD.ID,Shopify, more marketplace will be supported soon. 

  1. Fill the input box and click “Start Sync”. Please note each marketplace may have different input box need to fill. Some of them may need you to double confirm the integration in marketplace website.


  1. After syncing complete, all the products and orders in this store will be synced to Genie, you can check the products in “Products” icon and orders in “Orders”.


  1. All integrated store can be checked in “Integrations” list, and you can change the store name, it will be easy to distinguish when you integrate multiple store in same marketplace.