Make sure you already successfully installed Genie Chat Windows and to use Genie Chat will highly recommended to use Windows 10

However, for Windows 7 users, before operating the Genie Chat, so that the use of Genie chat is more optimal, please follow the steps below:

1. Right Click on the Genie Chat Icon. after that click the “Properties” menu.

2. After clicking “Properties” then you will be directed to the settings menu for the Genie chat.

3. In the Target Column will appear information such as: “C: UsersDirectoryAppDataLocalProgramsGenie ChatGenie Chat.exe”, Please add −−disable−gpu at the end to be: “C: UsersDirectoryAppDataLocalProgramsGenie ChatGenie Chat.exe”(space)−−disable−gpu

4. When you have finished adding, click “OK”, then you can try to operate the Genie Chat.

* If you have problems operating Genie Chat, please follow the steps above and if you have followed the steps above but are still having problems, please contact our Seller Support Team.

*We recommend you to upgrade your Windows to OS 8 or OS 10 for more optimal use.