(You need to open Master Product to access this feature)

In order to make merchants manage master products more efficiently, Genie has added a new feature to support mass editing of master products. These are the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Master Product List – Search and check the Master Product – Click “Edit”

Step 2: Mass Edit the Master Product Information


You can edit up to 100 master products at a time. In addition to the master SKU, you can click the information content to edit. In mass editing, all fields are optional except for product pictures

  1. Click the pencil icon to mass edit the information of the selected master product in the column field (such as product picture)

2. Click the rubbish can icon to mass clear the information of the selected master product in this column (such as product picture)

3. Click on the right side action to remove the master product. After removed, it will no longer participate in this mass editing

4. Support mass editing / mass delete: product picture, Master category, default price, variant picture, size, weight, product status, minimum purchase quantity.

5. Support mass editing / mass delete: product name, short description and long description

It supports mass adding content in the prefix or suffix of “product name / short description / long description”, or replacing the content in “product name / short description / long description” with other content

6. Support mass editing of available stock. Click “go to edit” to open a new window and go to “Inventory Management” to search the selected master SKU.

In Inventory Management, you can mass select these master SKUs, and mass edit warehouse stock or spare stock. After editing, the available stock can be changed by this formula (available stock = warehouse stock – spare stock – locked stock – promotion stock)

Note: after the inventory management updates the available stock, the current mass edit master product page will not display the latest available stock immediately because it is not refreshed.

Step 2: Save the Update, You Have Successfully Mass Edit the Master Products