The out-of-stock forecast table is for the inventory SKUs that have set safety stocks. According to the sales data that has been generated in a certain historical period, the specific inventory SKUs are reported in advance to estimate the out-of-stock time consumption.

You can view the inventory SKU information that may be out of stock by setting the sales cycle, and complete the replenishment in advance in time to avoid oversell as much as possible.

Data range: Inventory SKU for which safety stock value has been set

Estimated period: Support 7 days/15 days/30 days/60 days/90 days of sales information as the estimated evaluation basis, users can filter according to your need in the search area

Specific statistic table description:

Inventory Name : Inventory SKU name, only display the inventory SKU that meets the out-of-stock condition

Inventory SKU : Inventory SKU information corresponding to the variation

Available Stock : The number of available stock of the current Inventory SKU

Safety Stock : Safety stock, the safety stock value of the current stock SKU

Qty sold : Total quantity sold (calculated according to the period selected by the user in the filter conditions)

The total sales quantity of all products under the inventory SKU

Avg. Qty sold (/day) : Average daily sales number, total sales number / days (according to the date selected in the filter, the default selection 7 days) [default: 2 small number, will be rounded up]

Estimated days : (Available Inventory Number-Safety Inventory Number) / Average Daily Sales, if the number of daily sales is less than 1, will calculate the number of days according to 1. [Sales Number if it’s not an integer number, will be rounded up]

Action : Support operation to replenish inventory, jump to inventory SKU details page, support quick edit of inventory quantity

What operations does the out-of-stock forecast table support and can it be exported?

The out-of-stock forecast table supports the export of operation report data and the viewing of export history, and supports users to quickly complete replenishment operations