What is the unsalable statistics table? What can it help you?

The unsalable or low sales statistics table is the statistics of unsalable products based on the unsalable conditions set by the user.

Merchants can set unsalable conditions by themselves, view unsalable products in authorized channel stores, and optimize relevant product information or formulate marketing plans based on statistical tables to improve unsalable conditions in a timely manner

Data range: active products in integrated stores that meet the conditions of slow sales

Unsalable conditions: within a fixed period, the sales quantity of the products in the effective order is less than X, and the specific information supports users to set according to their needs


Specific statistical field description:

Product Name : Product name, only count active (live) Products that meet the conditions

Variant: Variant or Variation name

SKU : SKU information corresponding to the variant, leave it blank if don’t have variant

Last Sale Date : Last order creation time

Total Orders : The total number of orders in the time period that meets the slow-sale conditions, including all statuses

Buyers : The total number of buyers in all orders during the time period that meets the slow-sales conditions, and the number of buyers is deduplicated according to the mobile phone number

Qty Sold : The total number of items sold in a valid order (the number of days within the user’s setting conditions is the calculation basis)

Valid Orders : The number of valid orders, order status=paid/Ready To Ship/shipping/delivered (the number of days within the conditions set by the user is the calculation basis)

Gross Sales : Total sales of valid orders (the number of days in the conditions set by the user is the calculation basis)

What operations does the unsalable/low-sales statistics table support? Can it be exported?

The unsalable table supports the export of operational report data and the viewing of the export history, which can quickly understand the specific unsalable product information, and the information optimization or marketing adjustment of the unsalable product has been completed in time