Released on 2021-7-29:

The functions released this time are open to Genie merchants in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. (Note: Functions 1and 2 are only available after adding a Indonesia Blibli store)

1.Support adding and editing Bilibili products in Genie,Operation guide

2.Blibli channels support cloning:Operation guide

(1)Shopee, Lazada, bukalapak, tokopedia, Shopify, Blibli directly clone each other

(2)Clone the Master product to the Blibli channel

3.Support batch editing of products in the Blibili channel whose status is draft/publish failed.Operation guide clone upgrade:Operation guide

(1)Added support for Lazada, Blibili, and Shopify to use the store cloning function for products in the 3 channels

(2)Support 5 channels (Shoppee, tokopeida, bukalapak, Shopify, Blibli) cross-channel store cloning

Released on 2021-7-27:

  1. Support store or channel dimension to configure the opening range of “automatically bind Master SKU, automatically create Master SKU” setting. (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia Genie merchants can use this function after activating the Master product). View the operation guide
  2. For Shopee stores in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, when Genie releases new products, the inventory of Shopee products can be 0;
  3. Lazada courier bill printing update, to solve the known printing format and sorting problems;

Released on 2021-7-22:

This feature can only be used after the Master Product is activated.

Genie merchants in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia can use this feature (note: Master Product must be activated before it can be used)

1.Support mass edit of Master Product’s product name, description, product picture, variant picture, price, inventory, product status and other information. Check the operation guide now

2.Support publish Master Products in mass to stores in multiple channels. This feature will clone the Master Product into draft in the selected store, and then you can efficiently complete the product information in mass according to the channel requirement before publishing. Check the operation guide now

3. Support to view the mass operation records of “Publish to Store” in the past 7 days, which can solve the problem of viewing the final operation results even after closing the “progress bar or publish result in pop-up window”.

Released on 2021-7-21:

  1. Order that are created after 2021-07-22 08:00 Jakarta Time on Shopee and Lazada Fulfillment will no longer deduct the stock of the corresponding product or master product in Genie
  2. Add Shopee and Lazada fulfillment mark in the order list and order details
  3. Orders fulfilled by Shopee and Lazada Fulfillment can only synchronize orders and set status operations

Released on 2021-7-20:

Inventory Feature Optimalization

1. Search Master SKU doesn’t differentiate capital letter
2. Display reason when failed to push stock to Shopee
3. Can use keywords to search area where warehouse is located

Released on 2021-7-5:

Shopify order operation is launched, please be sure to re-authorize the store to use

  1. Support to cancel the order. After the order is cancelled, the integrated stock of master product or inventory SKU of the product in the order will increase
  2. Support to ship the orders, you need to select logistics and set the logistics awb number
  3. Support order refund, the refunded products will be displayed in the refund product list
  4. Support printing packing list, picking list and invoice

Released on 2021-6-30:

  1. Add time zone and currency display and quick edit entry
  2. Add to-do, notification, and help center modules to facilitate quick reading and processing of business and master information
  3. Increase the multi-dimensional analysis data of orders, products, customers, and promotional activities modules

Released on 2021-6-29:

  1. Inbound and outbound management, support warehouse working as a starting point to manage warehouse inventory
  2. Location management, support for creating locations according to warehouses, and support for binding warehouse inventory and locations
  3. Inventory Move, support the move of commodity inventory between various positions in the warehouse
  4. Inventory ratio, support setting inventory synchronization ratio for each store to reduce the risk of oversold
  5. Support to authorize and bind JD Fulfilment account, Manage JD warehouse through Genie
  6. Support product inbound to JD warehouse, and check the inbound list
  7. Support binding JD warehouse to store warehouse, and do the fulfillment through JD warehouse

Released on 2021-6-15:

  1. Support J&T’s shipping label when printed through Genie’s own template, display NLC code (Area Code) information
  2. Support to check and display seller note, store name, delivery times, total number of products, SKU information in the shipping label template settings. If you want to display all the information in one page of shipping label, please set as few information as possible for display. The size of the 80*80 shipping label is too small to display too many information, so please understand if there is any pagination display
  3. You can display the printing order number when using the Genie template to print shipping labels

Released on 2021-6-9:
New WooCommerce channel

  1. Support Authorize to bind the WooCommerce stores
  2. You can view the WooCommerce product list and support batch synchronization of products.
    Inventory synchronization is enabled for products that support WooCommerce
  3. You can view the WooCommerce order list and support batch synchronization of orders

Released on 2021-6-3:

JD Channel: New Product Features

  1. Support for adding and editing JD products (after the product is published, it will be automatically submitted to JD channel for review)
  2. Support batch deletion of products (API limit can only delete products that have been disabled)
  3. Support the product to be set as available/unavailable (can be batch operation)

Released on 2021-5-31:

  1. Order List Support Display SKU Information
  2. Order Details Add Display Payment Time Information
  3. Order supports to see whether one order includes single item / or more than one item
  4. Tokocabang orders with an order create time greater than 31-05-2021 15:30JKT will no longer be deducted from the stock of the corresponding product or Master Product in Genie

These two features are for sellers who use the Master Product

5.Import to create master product in mass in the pro version, then copy it to multiple channels.

6.Import to edit master product (product name, description, category), can mark several Master SKUs as one category, and more.

Released on 2021-5-19:

These 4 new functions are only open to merchants with Master product authority

1.Support setting/editing the rules of automatic binding of channel products and Master SKU.See how-to guide

2.Support settings to automatically create the Master SKU.Create a product in any channel, and the product can be synchronized to the warehouse and inventory management

3.Reasons for supporting the binding or unbinding of display channel products and the Master SKU

4.Support batch unbinding.Support merchants to bind channel products to the Master SKU in bulk, if the channel products and other Master SKUs have been bound, they will automatically unbind and then bind the designated Master SKU

Released on 2021-5-18:

  1. Support merchants who have re-authorized JD.ID stores through the new API to operate JD.ID orders within Genie
    This on-line operation contains the following:
    A. Support merchant printing shipping label (single and mass) through API, limited by the JD.ID delivery process requires print shipping label first through API, so you can’t use Genie’s own template to print channel shipping label
    B. Support merchant operation order delivery, need to pay attention to JD.ID channel delivery premise: Only support printed express order operation delivery
    C. Support for invoices printing from API
    D. Support merchants to print pac list / pick list
  2. Support merchants who have opened master product to view income statement tables within Genie
    Income Statement Operations Instructions:
    A. Support merchants to search income statement for up to one year
    B. The income statement only counts the completed order data to ensure the accuracy of the profit
    C. The inventory change information generated after upgrading to the Master Product will be recorded to the income statement. The data before the upgrade cannot be counted
    D. Support for merchants to export income statements as excel docs or PDFs and support for viewing export history
  3. Commission Setup
    A. Merchants may set commission percentage for Tokopedia and Shopify channels by Store to meet commission and income calculation
    B. After the commission percentage is set, it will only take effect for the orders generated after the completion of the setting. The subsequent updating of the ratio will only affect the updated commission value. The commissions already generated before will not be affected.